You must have done a great job setting the aids up for me as I have been putting them on in the morning and then forgetting about them. I have done teleconferences on the road this week, attended a meeting with 90 people, a meeting with 12 people, been to a pub, a restaurant and a casino. I could hear well in all of them and was not bothered by background noise at all. Thanks for your help - it is so great to hear without effort! L
I just wanted to report to you that on Saturday night we were in a crowded room at the Maritime Heritage Center and I COULD HEAR THE PEOPLE I WAS TALKING WITH VERY WELL EVEN THOUGH THERE WAS LOTS OF BACKGROUND NOISE. Today I heard the birds chirping when Geoff couldn't. A big thumbs up. Thanks for your help. Freddie Goodship
Because I am a "giver" by nature, I was astounded to be suddenly placed in the recipient's position when Linda called me to say that the Lions wanted to help me by purchasing a hearing aid for me. I was still trying to assimilate this when Linda called again, to tell me that you Martin, as the owner of 100 Mile House Hearing Clinic, wanted to lend me hearing aids for as long as I need them. This letter cannot ever completely articulate how your generosity has affected me. Glynis Dayman

Eight years ago I finally faced the fact that I needed hearing help. Over the years I visited several clinics and most had merit. (A big box operation was "assembly line(ish)" and very unprofessional). Last year I went to the "Campbell River Hearing Clinic" and I knew that this was what I was looking for... similar to that good feeling I had when our family doctor made house calls in the "fifties". Jana and Martin have that needed personal touch of truly caring "no pressure" professionals. The testing was "state of the art" , the chosen aids are excellent and fairly priced, and, the support services are amazing.

JJ Cruikshank
I would like to send an office full of beautiful roses to Martin Jurek, HIP of HEARING CLINIC Campbell River. I have been involved with many hearing clinics over the past 40 years and Mr. Jurek’s clinic has without any doubt given me the best personal service I have ever had. Mr. Jurek not only followed up on all his promises but went well beyond that to ensure I am happy and the hearing aids are working to their absolute peak performance. I was somewhat leery about going to an independent hearing clinic but the service I have received is far superior to the big companies I have dealt with in the past. It in fact has been life changing for me. I can’t express enough how grateful I am for his care and genuine interest in doing a great job. Laurier La Coste
Martin, I have now completed the LACE program, and found it to be very beneficial for a re-development of my listening skills. The devices, and myself, were put to a test during the Victoria Weekend, where I interacted with a group of forty people. No doubt, the LACE course has now enabled me to focus on different small groups around me within a radius of fifteen feet, while now being more able to block out the surrounding background sounds, and to actually pick up the conversations. After initially finding the amplified background sounds rather overwhelming, I have now learned to use the hearing aids in conjunction with an improved listening skill. I personally know of several people with hearing aids, who choose to put them away when they are in large groups, or out in traffic, due to problems with background sounds that they feel to be too hard to deal with. From very early on during this process of determining my needs, selection and fitting of my new hearing aids, it became abundantly clear to me that the devices themselves are only a part of an entire product, i.e. most certainly nothing that should be obtained by mail order, or over the counter through sales persons, not specialized in this field of expertise. Lindstrom
Last year, a recommendation from my 95 year old mother’s doctor to make an appointment at the "Hearing Clinic" to explore hearing aid support turned into a life-changing venture. After diagnosing her with severe hearing loss in one ear and moderate in the other, Martin Jurek carefully recommended hearing aids, stressing that there was a 90 day return policy if they didn’t work out. With the gentle but consistent encouragement of family and Ironwood Place care aids, and Martin’s ongoing support, Mom has adapted 100% to their use. Our family is thrilled with the renewed ability to have meaningful conversations with our Mom. Thank you Martin for your expertise and "no-pressure" support. Satisfied Customer