4 Steps to Better Hearing

1. Get Answers

Four out of five people with hearing loss don’t even realize they have hearing loss. That’s why our first priority at Campbell River Hearing Clinic is to answer your questions and ease any concerns you have about your hearing. So stop by our Campbell River office or call 250-914-3200 and ask away. We won’t bite, and we won’t try to sell you anything. Promise.

2. Free hearing assessment

If you have any reason to believe your hearing may not be as sharp as it once was (like you’re often asking people to repeat themselves, or your partner complains you don’t listen), we encourage you to schedule a free hearing assessment. You’ll find out exactly where you stand and where you can go from there.

3. Lifestyle evaluation and fitting

There are several factors that will determine your ideal hearing solution. Your degree of hearing loss is obviously part of the equation, but we’ll also look at where you work, where you spend your free time and what sort of activities you do. Only then can we fit you with hearing aids that match your lifestyle and budget.

4. Unlimited follow-ups

As a client of Campbell River Hearing Clinic, you’re entitled to free, unlimited follow-up visits to ensure you’re always hearing as well as you should be. If there’s ever anything you’re not completely satisfied with about your hearing aids, bring them in and we’ll adjust them for you at no extra cost.

Remember, we’re here to help you hear better, but it has to start with you. Call us today at 250-914-3200, or visit us at our Campbell River Office.