Industrial Audiometric Testing

We now offer in-house Industrial Audiometric Testing. Pavel Barta uses our facility to offer this service. 

If any work environment exposes workers to noise levels greater than 85 dB (averaged over an eight-hour shift), an employer is required to develop and implement a hearing conservation program, which must include hearing testing. 

Average noise levels of several common work environments:

  • Carpenter, Framer 91 dBA
  • Welder 88-94 dBA
  • Autobody Technician 90 dBA
  • Mechanic 87 dBA
  • Faller 102 dBA
  • Electrician in Construction 89 dBA
  • Truck Driver 86-98 dBA 
  • Music Teacher 86 dBA
  • Nightclub 91-115 dBA 

Depending on your work environment and hearing needs, we can help you determine the most appropriate hearing protection for your specific situation.

To book an appointment for your annual test, please call 778-346-0668.