Optimizing the Hearing Aid Experience

Less than 3% of patients are receiving auditory retraining software programs to help with their aural rehabilitation. An article at betterhearing.org discusses the importance of optimizing the hearing aid experience. From Better Hearing's article:

This article stresses to the consumer the following:

  • The mere use of hearing aids will not produce optimal improvement in hearing unless accompanied by training.
  • The process of better hearing requires the patient to become an active participant.
  • Modern computer technology now allows people with hearing loss to train their brain to listen and focus thus optimizing the use of hearing aids.
  • Using the listening skills acquired through self-pace computer training, along with the employment of communication strategies for people with hearing loss, and the advanced features of hearing aids such as directional microphones, telecoils or wireless technology consumers will be well on their way to improving their ability to communicate more effectively in the world of sound.

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